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Continued growth as EcoChemPro expand into Europe. Learn more about our new UK Operation!

As our we continue to expand, we’ve extended our operation to include a new team in the United Kingdom. Ian Campbell (pictured left), together with Tristan Yates (pictured right) have joined the EcoChemPro team to deliver our non-hazardous cleaning products in the UK and Europe. Ian heads up Sales and Marketing and Tristan heads up Distribution.

Speaking about the move into the UK & European Markets, Ian Campbell said “We’re delighted to be heading up this exciting project! EcoChemPro is a revolutionary cleaner degreaser. In the UK there is a real need for organizations to move away from cleaning with harsh caustic chemicals that burn their people. In addition, as we strive to work more sustainably, EcoChemPro is kinder on the environment. This helps large businesses reduce their effluent costs and increase their overall impact on the planet” 

Tristan Yates commented “I’m delighted to be working with Ian! We both share the same values on safety and environmental sustainability. In the few weeks we’ve been operational we’ve worked with Paper Mills, Food Manufacturing Businesses, Animal Feed Industries and more. Basically, any industry where heavy caustic products are being used we have an opportunity to show them a new way to work. A safer way that wont burn their cleaning teams and will reduce their impact on the environment. We are super excited to be the voice of EcoChemPro here in the UK and Europe!”

EcoChemPro (UK) Ltd is based in Hilton in Derbyshire. This is a central and strategic base giving us great access to the major road networks in the UK. This allows us to serve client across the UK with relative ease. The UK team are working across a wide range of industries and are happy to talk to anyone who uses dangerous cleaning chemicals in their work environment. They are available to assist prospective clients in trialling EcoChemPro, often working nightshifts when cleaning is carried out. In addition Ian and Tristan create trial reports for clients to use when discussing options with colleagues. EcoChemPro (UK) Ltd can be contacted by calling +44 0800 254 5077 or by emailing any enquiries to