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The Top 3 Reasons You Need to Change Your Office’s Cleaning Products Today

Once you get into a well-established routine, it’s easy to fall into the habit of using the same office cleaning products. After all, they’ve worked thus far, right? The reality is that cleaning your office could be so much easier – and more environmentally-friendly – with the right products. Read on as we discuss why you should upgrade your office cleaning products today.


1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Trends in cleaning are continuing to change, so it may be time to re-evaluate the type of products you use for your office. Cleaning products don’t need harsh chemicals to be effective; in fact, harsh-smelling cleaners tend to be more toxic than cleaners with minimal smell. There are tons of great eco-friendly cleaning products on the market, from multi-purpose cleaners to air fresheners, that accomplish the same goal as traditional office cleaning products without harming the environment.

2. Reduce Cost

Switching to natural cleaning products will help you save money in the long run because the best cleaners are often sold as concentrates which means a small amount of the product mixed with water will be enough to get the job done well. By comparison, traditional cleaning products are mostly made of water while active ingredients are only a small percentage of what’s in the bottle. Using traditional cleaning products forces you to replace bottles more frequently and negatively impacts the environment by increasing supply chain requirements. Switching to an environmentally-friendly degreaser cleaner is better for you financially and better for the planet.

3. Protect Your Employees

Exposure to traditional cleaning products has been shown to be detrimental to our health. Some popular cleaning products have been linked to skin irritation and allergic reactions. Other products like bleach contain strong odors that can be unpleasant for employees with side-
effects from exposure, including headaches and light-headedness. There is a misconception that cleaning products with strong odors clean more effectively, but we are happy to let you know this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Using eco-friendly cleaning products keeps employees safe and the best cleaners typically have little to no odor at all. If your workplace is truly clean, there should hardly be any smell at all because eco-friendly cleaning products replace bad bacteria with good microbes, which clean, refresh and eliminate organic waste buildup and deodorize by removing the source of any unpleasant odors.

Keep Your Office Clean with the Best All-Purpose Cleaner

To ensure the safety of your employees, invest in the best cleaners and green cleaning products. EcoChemPro creates nontoxic and biodegradable cleaners and industrial degreasers for your workplace, reducing the risk of health complications and food contamination.

At EcoChemPro, we take safety seriously. We take pride in producing the best all-purpose cleaner degreaser. Our formula is free of VOCS, harsh caustics and acids, and emulsifiers. In addition to providing a deep, nontoxic clean, our products won’t damage surfaces, tools, parts or equipment. We are dedicated to keeping people, animals, and the environment safe, while providing the best all-purpose cleaner. Effective over thousands of industrial, commercial, and residential applications, EcoChemPro is the truly green all-purpose cleaner and industrial degreaser you can count on. Whether you need a floor cleaner, wall cleaner or countertop cleaner, rest assured because we’ve got you covered. To start cleaning safely, get in touch with a service provider today.