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EcoChemPro UK joins BFBi to further Promote Safer Cleaning with Green Cleaning Technology.

EcoChemPro UK, the leader in Green Cleaning Solutions has joined the Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Association in a move to further promote its products and green cleaning technology. The BFBi are the only international trade association representing the entire value chain supplying the food and drink industry worldwide. They work across the Brewing and Food Industries to promote learning, championing best practice and bringing supply chains together. They have an active social engagement program organising visits to members businesses for tours, promoting regional meals and talks on various industry topics.

Commenting on their membership to BFBi, EcoChemPro’s Managing Director Ian Campbell said “We are delighted to have been accepted into the BFBi. They are one of the oldest Industry Associations in the world and have been championing important causes for the Brewing Industry since 1908. They are incredibly proactive, organising tours of members production facilities, getting members to engage with one another and sharing industry best practice. Our revolutionary, non-hazardous cleaner degreaser products are food safe and kinder on the environment. In joining the BFBi we believe we can add value to the industry and work with the association to promote safer more sustainable ways to clean throughout the Brewing and Food Industries”.

BFBi’s Chief Executive, Ruth Evans added “We are delighted to welcome EcoChemPro into BFBi. EcoChemPro, via their innovative fast acting, pH neutral heavy degreaser and cleaner, adds yet more diversity to the wide range of products and services offered by the membership.“

EcoChemPro Cleaner Degreaser can replace heavy caustic cleaners in Brewing and Food Manufacturing. The unique formula is pH neutral, contains no Volatile Organic Compounds and is non-toxic. It is 100% biodegradable and therefor kinder on the environment compared to heavy caustic products.  Our formula is heat stable but removes heavy soiling including proteins, sugars, fibres at ambient temperatures reducing energy costs. Our product is NSF Registered as a Nonfood Compound A1, A4 & A8.


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