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100% Safe Industrial-Strength
Cleaner Degreaser. People Safe. Machine Safe.

UK Businesses are discovering a safer cleaner/degreaser for  employees to use. Our pH neutral products will protect your staff and your equipment and will not rot seals, bearings or gaskets like heavy caustic products. We can supply your teams with the words best, safest cleaner degreaser or we can come and clean for you! For more information call our team today on 0800 254 5077 to find out more.

Safer Cleaning 

Our teams are experienced in cleaning a wide-range of facilities from food manufacturing to paper mills. Our knowledge of BRC, HACCP, FEMAS and ISO means we can help you prepare for audits with effective, high standards of cleaning, delivered on-time. Our work includes the following areas:


  • 1. High Level Cleaning – we’re skilled at working from height on booms and scissor lifts. Our teams can clean internal beams, struts, sky lights, conduit and ventilation systems. We can work around your production needs including nights and weekends.
  • 2. Deep Cleaning – We work with businesses across various sectors to complete deep cleans of floors, walls, ceilings, plant and equipment. Our recent projects included a pulp mill deep clean over a five day period and a potato sorter and associated conveyors.




Based in Hilton, Derbyshire we are perfectly placed to complete cleaning work across the UK. Our teams are experienced in deep cleaning work in food, automotive, paper, brewing, distribution and agriculture. In addition we can supply fully trained, regular cleaning labour to support hygiene teams. For more information or to book a consultation get in touch with us today.  

We've been using EcoChemPro to clean our steeping vessels for over eighteen months. We like EcoChemPro because it's much safer than traditional caustic  so we don't have to wear heavy hazmat suits. It works great too and doesn't harm our pumps and seals!  

Ken Gough

- Operations Manager, Soufflet Maltings

EcoChemPro XL is formulated from a unique blend of sustainable plant based materials creating a strong but safe cleaner degreaser. Our proprietary formula is pH neutral, 100% biodegradable and contains no VOC’s or heavy toxins. It is the ‘Safer Choice’ for global businesses who want to protect their staff and equipment from harmful chemicals. Don’t take our work for it, you can try EcoChemPro XL for yourself. Simply complete our on-line enquiry form and one of our team will get in touch to arrange a no obligation trial / demonstration.

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