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the ROI of Safety ™

When Alan McMillan, former CEO of the National Safety Council, and Asst. Deputy Director of OSHA joined the advisory board for EcoChemPro, he told Todd Murphy, President, that he believed that an investment in safety always yields returns.  Alan called it the ROI of Safety.  With Alan’s permission, Todd, along with Alan began working on making this concept a standard in the industrial manufacturing business. 


Traditionally, organizations simply thought that by focusing on safety it would reduce fines for incidents involving workers, but that thought is changing.  One large insurance organization estimated that for every $1 invested in safety, a company would get a return of $3 to $6 dollars!  By investing in safety, a company not only reduces the costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses, which does saves money, but when investments are made into safety, it gives returns in many areas and increases profitability.


With this information, Todd created the concept of SSIRP™, the “Syrup” for the perfect business pancake.  It all starts with Safety and ends in Profitability.  Because of the innovation of EcoChemPro and its advanced green chemical technology, combined with the SSIRP™ methodology, industrial companies are able to understand how just one simple change can create a domino effect, thus yielding returns.



At EcoChemPro we believe the ROI of Safety™ goes much deeper – right to the core of an organizations sustainability, its profits! Only by shifting the focus can industrial manufacturing organizations begin to see the true potential of safety as a key driver in its quest for bigger profits, growing revenue and shareholder value.

With the combined talents and experience of EcoChemPro’s advisory board we’ve put together a comprehensive ROI of Safety™ presentation to help organizations understand the benefits of increased safety with practical applications for CEO’s, EHS Leaders and Production Team Members. 

Todd Murphy & The ROI of Safety™

Todd is on a mission to make industrial workplaces safer! Since 2015 his company, EcoChemPro have been manufacturing cleaner degreasers which are safe to use and safe for the environment too. He’s seen the positive changes brought about by safer cleaning products in pulp, paper, tire, food, aerospace and oil and gas industries.
In developing the program, The ROI of Safety™, Todd has helped organizations rethink their safety and sustainability strategies. Through his informative, passionate, and humorous talks he gives the audience a new perspective on safety. He helps them understand the real value safety can bring to their organizations from a corporate and shareholder perspective. He also discusses how individuals’ roles within organizations can positively impact the success of their business by managing up as well as down.


To find out more how we can help your organization understand The ROI of Safety™ contact our team today by emailing or by calling the team on 833-427-7947.

The acronym SSIRP™ (Our Syrup) stands for Safety, Sustainability, Innovation, Reliability, and Profitability. This acronym captures the five key elements that must be at the forefront of any successful industrial manufacturing business. 

Safety is the assurance that the products and services provided are safe for customers and employees. Sustainability is the ability to maintain a business over the long-term, while also considering the environmental impact of operations.  Innovation is about creating new products and services that will help the business grow. Reliability is making sure that equipment and operations maintain a consistent operational efficiency with maximum output. Finally, Profitability is about creating a business that can generate a return on investment.  

Our “Syrup” starts with safety because with the correct investments in safety, the ROI of Safety™ creates profitability.

To find out more how we can help your organization understand The ROI of Safety™ contact our team today by emailing or by calling the team on 833-427-7947.