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Frequently asked questions

Does EcoChemPro contain Butyl?

No, Butyl is NOT one of our ingredients.


How does EcoChemPro Hard Surface Cleaner & Degreaser differ from other cleaning products such as Simple Green, Purple Power, and Krud Kutter?

EcoChemPro contains a highly advanced technology that does not contain any acids, caustics, or solvents unlike our competitors. The non-toxic 100% biodegradable product can be used on thousands of areas without damage to you or your property.

Can I use EcoChemPro on wood?

Yes, EcoChemPro is a great wood cleaner and since it does not contain bleach or other harmful chemicals it cleans and helps to restore the natural beauty of the wood.

Can EcoChemPro be used on sealed, painted, epoxied, vinyl, glazed tile and coated floors?

EcoChemPro can be used effectively on all of the above flooring, and it contains a special ingredient that helps to prevent slip/fall accidents that increase the coefficient of friction to the floor making the flooring safer and cleaner as a result.


When used as a daily cleaner, does EcoChemPro require a rinse?

After a soiled solution is removed from the floor by damp mop or wet vacuum, EcoChemPro is designed to be self-neutralizing and does not require a final clear water rinse. Unlike other products, EcoChemPro leaves no alkaline or caustic residue on the floor surface which can contribute to slip and fall accidents.

I have many allergies and skin issues - does EcoChemPro contain chemicals that could trigger those problems?

No. EcoChemPro is hypo-allergenic, does not contain any dyes or scents, is neutral in pH and non-toxic. Unlike competitive products it will not irritate your skin or leave chemical rashes. It is also safe for use around pets and children.

Can I use EcoChemPro on metals such as tools, wheels, parts and equipment?

Absolutely. EcoChemPro does not contain any acidic or caustic chemicals and has a pH of 7.0 making it gentle yet powerful for cleaning and degreasing. It will also not affect rubber, plastic or painted surfaces.

Do I have to use hot water with EcoChemPro?

No, EcoChemPro was designed to be used with cold water. In extreme cases hot water may be beneficial but we have rarely found this to be necessary.

Is EcoChemPro a germicidal cleaner?

No. Though EcoChemPro is a highly effective cleaner and safety treatment, it is not a germicidal cleaner.

Why don't you put scent or color in your product?

There is a great misconception that scented products clean better but it can actually cause problems for many people with allergies. Adding color can cause staining. EcoChemPro has virtually no smell at all making it pleasant to use all day, every day, for anyone.


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